Birksgreen Private Services

Birksgreen Associates offer a wide range of services to private clients. Ranging from discreet background checks on a new partner, intelligence gathering for neighbour disputes to suspicions of infidelity. All discussions with clients are in absolute confidence and can be held however the client prefers, face to face for an informal discussion or telephone communication only. We understand how difficult it can be to request the services of an Investigator but here at Birksgreen Associates, we do everything possible to ensure your dealings with us are as comfortable as possible.

The Process :

Once Birksgreen Associates have been engaged, an Investigation Plan will be agreed to maintain the requirements of the client along with achievable objectives and timescales.

Throughout the engagement, the client will be regularly updated and a comprehensive report will be supplied at the conclusion of the investigation.

Not all the enquiries we carry out require field work. Many investigations can be carried out from the office
Today we meet many people via the internet, but who are you really talking to? We can check to see if a potential partner is who they say they are.
Using our prosecution experience, we can assist in the building of your defence case and support your legal team if required
Using all our skills and knowledge for locating missing people and provide a fresh overview for older cases
Harassment or Stalking can take many forms, internet, phone or physical. The police must always be your first point of call.

A prosecution under section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 requires proof of harassment. Birksgreen Associates can assist in some cases where evidence gathering is required.

We can locate a name and address from a telephone number.

Investigations can go unsolved for many reasons but our team of highly skilled investigators can bring a fresh and new approach to cold cases.
From searching lost family and friends to locating debtors, using our expertise, we can help you find who you are looking for.
From neighbourhood disputes to fly tipping, Birksgreen Associates are compliant with legislative requirements:

  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Human Rights Act 1998
No one wants to believe their partner is lying to them. But whether we confirm your worst fears or alleviate your suspicions, all discussions, investigations and final reporting, will be handled sensitively
We have access to the latest technology in Drones for aerial and scene reconstruction
We can also assist in presenting ‘Best Evidence’ with video and photographic scene reconstruction
Birksgreen Associate provides Forensic Collision Investigation Services including collision reconstruction and can supply Expert Evidence in Court and in reports.